Once I was

moved by the pulse of your love

that flowed seamlessly through

the chatter of the night

the banter of endless bar bums

Once I was

awed by your faith and perseverance

that appeared to be so ancient and outdated

that brought me to my knees

with you in prayer

Once I was

inspired by your tenderness

that entered my eyes and captivated my heart

the soft never-ending depth of the soul

the hues of colorful light beaming passion

Once I was

In love with what was love

that I conjured up to be the perfect -love

the reason to carry on through-life

but I held onto tightly to the premise

the promise of -love

that once wasn’t love but rather a want to

be – in love

Once I was

aware that love is more than

thought, want or need – I was

once again – alone