Tripping over Aristotle on my way to dance with Degas

Stuck in another traffic jam on the road to my perdition

I suppose that is what its all about, whatever that is

Living life through Buddha, chanting to the birds

Singing songs to the waning moon

Wondering if there is really anyone out there

Stirring the pot

An Omnipotent, all powerful, alpha omega

Being that hears the crickets

Smells the burning molecules of my tiny grey matter

Asking questions, cursing this traffic that killed the dinosaurs

Guess I am going to be late for the dance again

Should have never left my cave, but I was curious

Should have never tasted that apple, but looked so good

Will Darwin ever forgive me for  being so late?

– Jennifer McLaughlin 2015 @The Muse  HoCoPoLitCo